Oranges  by Steve Cline

Oranges by Steve Cline

The Equinox of the Bees

A Contemplation for Persephone’s Rising

The Equinox of the Bees is a simple meditation ritual in honour of the changing seasons and the return of Our Lady Persephone. It was designed for solitary performance, though it can easily be adapted to performance in a pair, or within a group.

On Spring Equinox 2019, which falls on the 20th March, this ritual will be performed by members and friends of the Temple across the globe. Please, join us, if it be your Will.

The ritual may of course be practiced before then, and the more often the paths of this visualisation are trodden, the more potent they will become. Further, both the adoration of the senses and the projection techniques described herein are suitable for adaption to daily practice.

A pdf version of the ritual can be downloaded here, or scroll down to find a viewable version at the bottom of this page. Closer to the date we will be releasing an audio track of the meditation, for use within the rite.

If you undertake this ritual and would like to send us any comments or feedback relating to your experience, or a picture of your altar prepared for this rite, we would welcome these warmly. Please email any such things to us at