Detail from  Splendour , 2018 Christina Francov

Detail from Splendour, 2018 Christina Francov

Persephone’s Mass

Persephone’s Mass was my first attempt at a feminine-centric thelemic Mass: a Mass for Our Lady BABALON.

I performed this Mass twice, in September 2017 and December 2017, both in Bournemouth, UK, and both with powerful, long-lasting effects – though not in the sense I had anticipated.

I have been in two minds about sharing this ritual. I am proud of it in an artistic sense, and some of the words within it were given to me directly by Our Lady. However, the ritual is also fundamentally flawed; it is based on a vision of the Goddess as seen at the bottom of the pit, in the midst of Innana’s trials, rather than from a place of Understanding.

Yet, perhaps this is a necessary stage, a nigredo; and while the vision of Our Lady and Her work that is given here is far darker and tainted with brimstone than the glowing fires that surround me now, I know both to have the true tang of gnosis, nontheless.

In Nomine Babalon.

Sophia Melitodes, High Priestess of the Temple