The Feast of Abominations

Gloria Nostra Domina Abyssi


The Feast of Abominations as a ritual came into being as a revelation given after many days of daily conversation with Our Lady. I saw an invocation of three of the Divine Feminines aspects: the Lover, the Mother, and the General. Each aspect is invoked three times by all three acting as facets (the Lover as the Lover, the Lover as the Mother, the Lover as the General, etc..) thus making it into a 9 fold invocation. 9 being a number of the moon and 3 being of Our Lady of the Bitter Sea.

Being a three fold invocation I knew that I needed the help of two others to write it. Well, “as the current moves, the current provides” and I came into contact over the next two days with two priestesses who both were also having inclinations and communication of a similar bend…and we set out to do the thing together.

We coordinated and celebrated its first performance on September 23rd 2017, with 12 cities in 5 countries participating.

Tau Theaphilus, Master of the Temple