In Nomine Babalon

Babalon Icon,  Clay, ochre, 24 ct gold. By Cat Boetcher 2018

Babalon Icon, Clay, ochre, 24 ct gold. By Cat Boetcher 2018

The Temple of Our Lady of the Abyss is a religious group devoted to the restoration of harmony to humankind’s relationship with the divine; and to the rehabilitation of the Divine Feminine within everyday life.

We honor the divine feminine in all Her infinite faces, but in particular we are devotees of the constellation of veils that we call BABALON, Our Lady of the Abyss.

We are primarily focused on charitable work by raising money for groups that are dedicated to helping victims of domestic and sexual violence.

To accomplish this goal we provide lectures and host workshops about sexual ethics and personal empowerment, and public performances of rituals that reinforce our mission of restoring harmony.

We are currently putting together a collection of peoples experiences, poetry, thoughts, and art about humankind’s relationship with the Divine Feminine into a volume to raise money for charity.

Our long term goal is to create a permanent place of worship for the Divine that serves not only as a sanctuary for those seeking the divine within, but as a shelter for those seeking succor from domestic and sexual violence.

Until then we are committed to creating the change the world needs to see.